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Sleeping Gryphon


All I can say is wow… just epic! beautiful woodburned pieces that are done with a masters touch and are perfect for what I will be using them for!

First the Raven Box- Being a follower of a Russo-Slavic path I always love Ravens.. this box is the perfect size for storing crystals, herbs, even a smudge stick… of course I will use it to store some special incense blends for charging :) the raven is perfectly done and the Pentacles are beatiful adorning either side of the raven.

Secondly- I had Sadie do a custom altar tile of the Slavic Solar cross with a bit of a gypsy flair thrown in … I was suprised at how large the tile itself was expecting a coaster sized one .. it is so beatifully done considering I just gave her links to a few crappy pictures of what my idea was and the tile itself is large enough and thick enough to be used a was hanging for above my altar.. I may use it to put one of my many ravens on even for the Raven altar!! absolutly beatifully made with attention to detail. Sadie really captured my vision in it and the energy is incredible!!

If you’re looking for something unique and handmade (like boxes ,Altar tiles, wall plaques, even a wooden spoon for your kitchen (I am a big fan of magick in the kitchen!) ) I highly recommend Sleeping Gryphon!!