Vetivert Root – Powder


Vetiveria zizanioides

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Related to the family of fragrant grasses that also gives us Citronella and Palmarosa, Vetivert surprises with the depth and darkness of its scent, which some people love, but others find offensive. Indian poets liken its scent to the smell of the first monsoon rains that rejuvenate the earth. It certainly smells earthy and acts grounding on those who walk with their heads in the clouds. It aids concentration and heightens awareness. In Ayurveda it is mostly used for skin care preparations. In the West it is not employed in herbal medicine, but is widely used as a fixative in perfumery.
Effective for vomiting, diarrhea etc. and is cooling and refreshing. It purifies blood, removes body odor and excessive sweating.
Beds made of vetiver root can be used for patients suffering from rheumatism and back pain.
Magical Use:
Vetivert is an excellent grounding herb that protects those who do a lot of channeling and psychic work from loosing touch with reality and the more earthy aspects of life. Vetivert can be used to meditate on the laws of manifestation and prosperity. It can be used for meditation to increase awareness and aid concentration.

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