• Chicory Root (Chickory) - Cichorium intybus

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Folklore: The first known writing about Chicory can be dated as far back as 4000 years before the Christian era, in Egyptian papyrus. It was a magical plant and was known for bringing success, and it could make one invulnerable, and done with a ritual make one invisible. It was claimed by Paracelsus 17th century alchemist that chicory after 7 years chicory turned into a bird.

Medicinal: Chicory root has been used as liver tonic since the time of ancient Rome. Contemporary herbalists still include it in many liver & gallbladder formulas, and also praise its ability to soothe upset stomach and other digestive discomforts.

If your digestive system is working overtime, let Chicory root help you get back on track. It encourages proper digestion of food and nutrients, and its bitter principles stimulate healthy digestive function.

Magical: It has quite a few magical properties, including strength, divination, favors, frugality, invisibility, good luck, frigidity, opening of locks, removal of obstacles, and curse removal. Carried on the person in whatever fashion, Chicory is supposed to remove obstacles in your life Frigidity, curse removal, and strength are evoked by either ingesting the herb in a Tea. Can also be used as an incense to purify items of divination (tarot, etc.)

Shamanic Magickal Uses: As it is a “clock” flower, meaning that its blossoms open and close with the sun’s hours, it can be used in spells to speed up or slow down time during pathwalking, but be careful with this sort of thing. The safest “time shifting” use for it is to sprinkle it as part of a spell as you move from one world to another, willing the time gap on the two worlds to line up together. This may help the time distortion problem when the other world is strongly different from ours time-wise.

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Chicory Root (Chickory) - Cichorium intybus

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