• GTK - Energy/Pain Relief/Depression

Green Thai Kratom - 1 Oz

Green Vein Kratom Effects

Green kratom strains are mingled together nicely with pain-relief and energetic effects. But there are more benefits for you to claim, such as cognitive enhancing effects (nootropic) and mental stimulation.

Another unique feature is that green last longer (up to 8 hours) than red and white. In theory, this is because of the stiff cells walls that extend the breakdown process. Or simply because of higher levels of alkaloids.

What Does Green Kratom Feel Like?

Because green gives you nootropic benefits you’ll feel more alert and focused on the task at hand. The effects tend to start off as stimulating and later shifts to mild sedation.

If you want kratom for this specific purpose you should get the white strains.

People are also using green vein to wean off social anxiety. Taking some before heading out will make you more confident in social situations.

And when it comes to pain, green is just as useful as red, but without causing drowsiness that some strains can do.

Tip: mix green with red or white to make the effects last longer.

The following are other reported effects of green kratom strains:

    Increased self-confidence and social cognition (maeng da)
    More energy during the day
    Mild stimulation without feeling drowsy afterward
    Better mood and reduced symptoms of depression
    Enhanced focus and mental powers
    Pain Relief

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GTK - Energy/Pain Relief/Depression

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