Slavic Paganism

I often get asked about my particular path.. I follow more or less what would be called a Russo-Slavic path…. Russian and Slavic (Russians are a Slavic people :) ). Unlike the Celtic, Greek, Roman, or even Norse path it is truly unique to the Slavic lands.. in a sense it’s almost like a blending of folk beliefs with a pantheistic system ..We have house “spirits”  the Domovoi…these are sort of like brownies or fae.. in that they inhabit the house and sometimes help out…they are also the guardians of the house protecting it and its inhabitants..It is good to offer Him some milk, bread with salt or cookies to make him happy and he will make happy your home. When you move to another house, offer Him a big shoe, He will hide in it and you can easily remove Domovoi to your new home !!

Kolovrat – The KOLOVRAT (KOLOVRAT, Collowrath) symbol is in modern ages considered as a panslavic pagan symbol of the Sun. Old Slavic faith connects people with Slavic blood all over the World and this symbol is one of these connections. (I Proudly wear one :) ..and we have a few of these in stock in our webstore!)


Perun – The Slavic God of Thunder (Norse equivalent would be Thor) his symbol is generally that of an axe head (sort of like the Mjölnir or Thor’s hammer in the Norse)

Lunitsa – Little Moon – Symbol of the Female deities worn by the Slavic and Viking women for protection .. basically a crescent moon

Svetovid  – God of war, fertility and abundance. He has four heads to protects you from all the sides.

Svarga (the Sun) – symbol of the God  Svarog

Svarog – the God of Sun and Fire.

There are many others as well :)

The most common question I get is about the one whom I call Grandmother … existentially Baba Yaga (Grandmother Witch)..Grandmother to me is my Matron so to speak…she is ancient .. very ancient… one of the few Bone Goddesses.. the ones that are the very representation of life and death.. she is a black shaman.. one that can heal and destroy simultaneously.. she is the crone of crones. Her symbol is the Raven.. the guider of the spirit world, transformation, and healing…   what is like to work with her? It can be a challenge at times.. she chooses who she works with.. you don’t choose her… she decides if you’re worthy… so be honored if you are so chosen to work the crone of crones :)



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