Spring Equinox

Being one of the few people I know that doesn’t follow a Celtic path to me the Spring Equinox is a bit different… I follow a Russo-Slavic path that is an Eastern European path… Spring Equinox is called Maslenitsa ..it is like others a time for celebration..it marks the turning of the year..the end of the winter frosts as we prepare for planting in the coming months… living in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan it feels right to follow the northern trad… things are a bit slower up here ..we still have snow on the ground (we get a LOT of snow…) the trees are just beginning to bud out … the lakes are still somewhat frozen over…the animals are just waking up… to me this is a time of renewal .. the earth comes alive again after a long rest … the days are getting longer and warmer..it is a time to celebrate and have a few drinks!

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